15 years ago today 2.12.2019 Zaidee grew her angel wings.



On this day 15 years ago Zaidee grew her Angel wings – 2.12.2004 to 2.12.2019


The inspired journey of Zaidee’s Story and memory continues and what a journey it has been.


From a simple pair of Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces that has taken the message of organ and tissue donation not just nationally but internationally, started back on 2nd December 2004, until today and will continue well into the future.


Over the past 15 years we have either sold or given away over 2 million pairs of Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces or what I like to call messages from Zaidee that have been worn from the very young to the very old supporting organ and tissue donation. We have turned Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces into an iconic national symbol for organ and tissue donation.


Some of the milestones over the past 15 years.


Every sporting code in Australia from the elite to grass roots level has supportted wearing Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces. From the sport of Kings (horse racing) to AFL, NRL, NBL, ARL, Swimming, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Baseball and the long list of many others sports as well.


Zaidee’s story has been written about in every newspaper from the major ones to small local country papers nationally. Interviews have been conducted on every single Radio program and TV network along with a massive amount of social media about Zaidee’s Story and the Foundations mission.

Even now a documentary called Dying to Live was made because of her story and in her memory. Now seen nationally both on TV and in major cinemas.

We have been greeted by Prime Ministers to politicians on both sides of politics talking about Zaidee’s Story.

Over 15 years Zaidee’s has been supported by some of Australia’s most respected sports athletes, whom have gotten behind our campaign. The names are endless to mention. But saying that, special thanks to Tom Lonergan, Aaron Finch, Meg Lanning, Robby Grey, Michelle Payne, Sonny Bill, Shane Heal, to mention a few.


Zaidee’s School Education program was a first in Australia that highlighted the importance of organ and tissue donation and continues this program today via Dying To Live Schools Program via Cool Australia in schools nationally. Plus our schools program on our website established in 2012. www.zaideeschool.org


There is never a month that goes by that a sporting team somewhere in Australia is not supporting Zaidee’s message, be it with the players wearing her laces, cricket grips, swim caps, socks or in many other ways.


The way we as a family and as a charity has been supported and continue to be supported nationally in every state and territory is very humbling to say the least.


The work that the Foundation has done and will continue to do to help save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a transplant today, tomorrow or in the future will never stop.


We cannot do this without the thousands and thousands of great supporters over the past 15 years from every part of this great land.


  • Zaidee’s never stop until the day comes that there is no transplant waiting list.
  • No one dies waiting for a transplant.
  • Every child who needs a transplant gets one and does not need to spend years of their young life in and out of hospitals.
  • We see an Opt-Out system in Australia.
  • Australia is a leading world country in this space.
  • We save more lives going forward.


Why, because Zaidee’s work on this planet will never end until all the boxes are ticked.


To say that Kim, Jaz and I are so every proud of our Zaidee in what she has achieved in death will never be repeated on this scale again in the organ and tissue donation awareness and education space.


Zaidee’s campaigns in her memory has changed the lives of so many over the years and I am sure she is smiling down on this day thinking that the 15 years is just a start to what can and will be done in time.


Zaidee’s Poem


When Zaidee was taken in for her final operation to be an organ and tissue donor.


She did not need her bright blue eyes to see


Her lungs to breathe


Her little heart to pump blood around her tiny body


Nor did she need her kidneys or liver again


You see she had died.


All Zaidee needed to take to heaven was the love from her Mum, Dad and brother Jaz.


But other little children just down the hall in the same hospital did need her heart, her liver just to live life again.


These kids are now home with their mums and dads, brothers, sisters and friends again.


Two little kids got to see properly again, to see the face’s of their Mum and Dad when they each received one of Zaidee’s cornea’s.


A new born and an infant got a second chance for life from parts of Zaidee’s heart.


A mother received her greasiest gift ever, both of Zaidee’s Kidneys.


What Zaidee gave in death was life to other children and a mother because we as a family discussed this before a death in our family years before just in case.


Our little girl Zaidee gave the greatest gift of all, her organs and tissues, she is now our angel in heaven who we are so very proud of for what she achieved in her short 7 years and 22 days of life that many of us will never do and that is to give life to others.


Zaidee’s spirit and her memory will live on and on and on.


“Written by a very proud Dad, Allan.”

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