Foundation Aims

Aims of the Foundation

Our first aim is to make organ and tissue donation awareness more prevalent in our community. By informing parents of the importance of discussing these issues with their children should they ever be placed in the same situation as we were, with Zaidee’s sudden death.

We hope to greatly improve the donation rate year upon year, giving those that are currently on transplant waiting lists a better chance at getting their transplant by encouraging people to register as Organ and Tissue Donors.

In the year Zaidee died, another 130,000 Australians also died. Only 218 of those Australians generously donated their organs.

One in five Australians on the transplant waiting list die before they get a chance to receive a transplant.

Currently there are between 1700 to 2000 people waiting to get that important call from the hospital once they have found a donor for their transplant.

Our aim is to sell Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces around the nation as an awareness campaign. The support we have had has been overwhelming and continues to grow.

Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces cost $2.00 a pair and are sold in two sizes; 110cm and 140cm. To reflect our community support we ask Children, Mums, Dads, Sisters and Brothers to purchase a pair of laces and wear them in memory of Zaidee and support Organ and Tissue Awareness.

If we can save another Child, Mother, Father, Brother or Sister who is currently listed on the transplant waiting list (or who may be on that list in the future) by telling Zaidee’s Story then we have achieved our goals.

Australia is embracing Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces and support it as the national symbol for organ and tissue awareness.

Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces can proudly stand alongside other national icons and symbols;  like Red Noses are for Sid’s for Kids (which Zaidee was one), Bandanas are for Kids Cancer, Pink is for breast cancer and Blue and White Checked Ribbons for Police.

Zaidee’s Rainbow Shoelaces are an everyday event and campaign that is in the community to promote and encourage families to discuss this subject. Our campaign is 365 days a year, which is needed as a national campaign.

Donations and Income:

100% of all funding and donations that are received by the Foundation is spent back into all national awareness projects and programs to promote and drive our campaigns for organ and tissue awareness.

This has been confirmed by Consumer Affairs Victoria under The Fundraising Act 1998 (the Act) defines a fundraiser as any person or organisation, including a business, that collects money for a beneficiary, cause or thing, rather than solely for their own profit or commercial benefit. 

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  1. dylan russell poskitt
    dylan russell poskitt at |

    zaidee was good i saw on the tv

  2. kim
    kim at |

    Big tears for the loss of Zaidee. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with the world! We too lost our 4 year old daughter, India and are trying to bring awareness to organ donation. Zaidee lives on through your efforts!

  3. kim
    kim at |

    Reading your website makes me cry so hard for the loss of Zaidee. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with the whole world! She lives on through many because of your generosity! We too lost our little 4 year old, India very suddenly. We gave through organ donation and are trying to bring awareness.
    I am inspired by you all. Lots of Love to you!

  4. Leonie Marxsen Bourke
    Leonie Marxsen Bourke at |

    See photos posted on Cobram Barooga and Netball Facebook page today
    Kind regards


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