Fundraising for Zaidee’s

Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation is always thrilled when approached by schools, sporting clubs and businesses who would like to undertake some fundraising with our Foundation.

Please see the 3 links below for further information;

Donations and Income:

100% of all funding and donations that are received by the Foundation is spent back into all national awareness projects and programs to promote and drive our campaigns for organ and tissue awareness.

This has been confirmed by Consumer Affairs Victoria under The Fundraising Act 1998 (the Act) defines a fundraiser as any person or organisation, including a business, that collects money for a beneficiary, cause or thing, rather than solely for their own profit or commercial benefit. 

Please CLICK HERE for information about the Zaidee’s Schools Program


Please CLICK HERE for FAQ relating to fundraising for Zaidee’s


Please CLICK HERE for a Fundraising Application Form

4 Responses

  1. Nancy Fuller
    Nancy Fuller at |

    I was would like to know if we were to give a donation to Zaire’s Organisation how the funds would be spent.

    I am looking on behalf of an organisation I am a member of. I do no think that selling the show laces would be an option for us, but if we donated money exactly how it would be spent.

    I need to put this to the committee, but if you could provide me with some information I would appreciate it.

    Thank You, Nancy

    1. Allan Turner
      Allan Turner at |

      Hi Nancy – please call me 0412985211 sorry it has taken so long to reply to your kind email.

  2. Karen
    Karen at |

    Hi I work in a childcare centre and would love to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation my partner has been on the kidney transplant list for two years and recently spent some time in royal Melbournes icu where I first learnt about zaidee I would like to know how to go about organising a fundraising event or can I sell products if we decided to have a rainbow day or week?

    1. Allan Turner
      Allan Turner at |

      Hi Karen,

      Please call me 0412985211 Allan to discuss.


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