Geelong – Zaidee’s Rainbow Powder Stomp

Here we come Geelong.

On Saturday October 6th Zaidee’s Rainbow Powder Stomp is in Geelong at the Bellarine Estate Winery supporting Brian Tucker and his gift of life.
This is the driving force behind why Zaidee’s is bringing this event to the Geelong areas to reflect the great outcome of Brian Tucker.
Brian’s Story.
Brain was diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease….7 years ago this August. It progressed slowly but definitely and surely over the next coming years. Brian was dying he was showing every typical progression of this disease. Brian endured many procedures including a stent and weekly Taps into his lung to drain fluid, these were painful and annoying but necessary to keep him alive.
The time came when the only thing to save Brian was a liver Transplant. After months of testing Brian was finally accepted onto the Donor list in January 2017.
Early November Brian was at the Austin for a couple of nights for further testing and assessment and was told they had a match.
Brian was on the waiting list for 12 months to the day exactly when he received his transplant for a new Liver.
We are so grateful and thankful to Brian’s Donor and their family for having the conversation and being an Organ Donor.
This event is capped at 500 tickets only.
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