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My target 50 kms

I'm fundraising for Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation!

The funds I raise will go to Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation to continue their work in raising awareness and closing the gap between those in need of organs and tissue and the number of registered donors. Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation will donate a portion of the funds raised to Murdoch Children's Research Institute to continue work on their blue ribbon project researching Children's Heart Disease.

You can find out more about their research here.

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Last run done

Saturday 31st Oct
Last run done in the midday sun. Lucky it was a short one today. 

Stats for the month......
I ran every street in Mooroopna... yay. 
17 runs
87.32 kms
152 streets 
$622 raised 

Second last run done.....

Thursday 29th Oct
In 16 runs I’ve done 83.18kms and ran all but two of the streets of Mooroopna. One more run left and it will be a straight one down the Midland Highway and McLennan St. 

Run 12.....tidy up day

Thursday 22nd Oct
Today consisted of 5 tiny runs/walks to catch up on missed streets. I looked like a crazy person driving up to a street walking it and getting back in the car and going to the next one. 😂😂 Looking at the map I’ve only got Elsie Jones Dr the two main roads and the streets behind St Marys to go!!!!  60.14km and 119 streets 

Run 11 hits 110 streets

Tuesday 20th Oct
Since last Monday I’ve gone from 63 to 110 streets. A few of those were walks as hay fever struck me down for most of the week and today was the first real run day back and boy did I make it count. 19 streets and 7.95 kms for the day. I’m on the home stretch now, no idea how many streets are left but I feel we should hit 150. 

Run 6...54 streets down and 34 to go.....

Saturday 10th Oct
10.10.2020.... Run 6 saw me complete 11 streets over my shortest run yet. How much do I love little courts. ❤️ I’m loving running my beautiful town and discovering streets I didn’t know of and spring is certainly providing me with some beautiful gardens to look at. 

Run 5– 43 streets and 29.25kms

Thursday 8th Oct
Today was spent dodging rain and snails........ I got to run past the homes of some super special past Neighbours (miss you all xoxo) and managed to avoid rain until the last street (which is not on my map😩) and got a drenching!!! 

Run 3

Monday 5th Oct
Today saw me run 7 streets for a total of 6.13 kms for the day. Many of those kms were double ups as I did a weird section of streets today. One section of the map is complete now and I move to the other side of the highway next run. Thanks again to all of those who have donated so far ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Ps. If you choose to run with a top knot -duck lower than normal under trees .🙄🌳🌿👱‍♀️#stuck

Day 2

Friday 2nd Oct
Day 2 = 10 streets. Today’s 5km plan was ruined by the fact I can’t say no to a side street. 😆 My 5km finished at McDonalds (a wonderful sponsor of the Shepparton Running Festival) so I had to still run another 1.6kms home. 

Day 1.....

Thursday 1st Oct
There are 83 streets in Mooroopna and I’d like to run them all in October. Day one saw me run 8. I had planned to run 10 but missed one and then didn’t run the full street if the other one. This will be an easy catch up next run. Strava tracking also didn’t kick straight away so it missed 1.5 streets but I’ve included them on my map. Beautiful morning for a run. Can’t wait till the next one. 

Run Mooroopna

Monday 7th Sep
I aim to run every street in Mooroopna in the month of October and raise money for Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation. I am not sure of how many KMs that will be but we will find out at the end of October. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gj Gardner Homes Shepparton


Carl Garcia

Make sure you run past our house and bring the bins in 🤪


Colin And Jane Mcauliffe

Go Mel. Are Mason and Zmaleah joking you?


Mathieu And Justine Ryan

You rock superstar Melanie.


Amy Lundberg

Great work!!! There are a lot of streets in Mooroopna.


Melanie Mcauliffe


Emma, Mark Will, Georgia And Noah

Amazing job Mel zzz



Well done Mel.


Kathy Fuller

Go Mel! Not only highlighting such an important cause but also showcasing your hometown at the same time x


Paul Miller


Fiona Lawson

Great job Mel x



Good workMel!




Ang Doherty

Great Mel. And running for a good cause xx



From Rach and Mel. Love you.



Congratulations Melly, you are incredible ♡


Kate Dainton

You go girl!




Sharon & Haig Lindsay

Well done Mel for such a great cause!