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I'm fundraising for Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation!

The funds I raise will go to Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation to continue their work in raising awareness and closing the gap between those in need of organs and tissue and the number of registered donors. Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation will donate a portion of the funds raised to Murdoch Children's Research Institute to continue work on their blue ribbon project researching Children's Heart Disease.

You can find out more about their research here.

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We did it!!!

Friday 21st Aug
Thank you again to all your generous donations! I am truly blessed with beautiful friends and my family. 
Blessings to you all 🙏🏼

Yeah getting there!!!!

Saturday 15th Aug
So for those who don’t really know what this money is for....
My kidneys are no longer working:( an autoimmune disease pretty much destroyed them. I’ve been in and out of hospital for a few years and currently on dialysis to keep me alive. 
Currently also on the transplant list hoping and praying for a new kidney. This fundraiser raises funds for much needed awareness about organ donation.
 It isn’t just a subject that should be brushed aside. It’s all we have to stay alive, to save a life! My life
So thank you for everyone who has taken the time to see this page and donate what ever they can. I appreciate it so much. I’m also going to walk 25kms! 
To Some this might be nothing but to me it will be a challenge. But for all of you and your kind donations and for me I will :) 

Great start!!

Monday 10th Aug
Thank you Mel, Ang and Trina! And also to the anonymous person. ✌🏼🤛🏼

Thank you to my Sponsors


Vlad Vanovac


Kelly And Ellen Vera


Sarah And Richard Kwan

You are one amazing Lady Dorissa ! God be with you always ❤️🙏




Petrina Lobo

Standing with you xx


Leona Lobo

With you Dorrisa! Xx


Oscar Billings






Patricia Tabutoa

All the best my girl sending love and prayers ❤️🙏


Dorrisa Billings


Auntie Tai

You can do this ❤️


Rebekah Dezius

You got this Girl 💪🏼


Michael Luamanu

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


Mel Dews

Done huny! Great cause and definitely need to spread more awareness for organ donation!




Renee Billings