About Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation

Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner, aged 7 years and 22 days, died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a Cerebral Aneurysm. At the time of Zaidee’s death the Turner family had been registered Organ and Tissue Donors for 5 years. Zaidee donated her Organs and Tissues at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as were her wishes at the time. From this gift, the lives of seven other people were improved or saved. Zaidee’s parents, Kim and Allan, founded Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation to raise awareness of the need for increased organ and tissue donor registration in Australia. Zaidee was the only child under the age of 16 years that was an organ and tissue donor in Victoria this year and only 1 of 6 children national to be a organ donor in 2024.

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation partners with various organisations and members of the sporting community and hosts events that promote an active lifestyle. Through these partnerships, the foundation shares information and promotes discussion within families just like the Turners about organ and tissue donation. 

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation also supports Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI). Murdoch Children's Research Institute is the largest child health research institute in Australia and one of the top three worldwide for research quality and impact. MCRI’s team of more than 1200 talented researchers is dedicated to making discoveries that make a difference for children’s health.

Our next major event is Zaidee's Mad Muddy Powder Stomp on Saturday 7th October - click this link for more details - https://events.humanitix.com/zaidees-mad-muddy-powder-stomp

Awareness and Education via Event

The role of Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation is to "Inspire Discussion" nationally to help increase the donation rate the wider community. To make everyone more aware of the benefits of what organ and tissue donatuon can provide to those that are in need of a transplant today or in the future. Curently we own and run our own event to raise awareness and education and much needed funds to allow us to do what we do best and that is engage the community at all levels. To Inspire Discussion about a subject we dont normally talk about. ZAidee'd Mad Cow Mud Run, National Motorcycle Event, Sporting Events are all part of the way we go about our work.

Also the selling of iconic products such as Zaidee's Rainbow Shoelaces as the major national symbol for organ and tissue donation for the poast 19 years.

Zaidee's Rainbow Cricket Bat Grips being used by Australia Cricket Players in high profile matches.

Zaidee's Book called "Chasing Rainbows" is a eductaional tool I wrote to be used to enage children with their parents to discover what organ and tissue donation is all about.

Sport Zaidee's Round

Zaidee's campaing from the first day back in 2005 was all about getting sporting teams and club engaged to promote a campaing to save and improve more lives in your community. Can your sports club or team help be part of this national campaing and have a Zaidee's Round?Just ask me how allan@zaidee.org or 0412985211


Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) is Australia's most influential child health research institute and top three globally. MCRI's world-leading research improves clinical practice for diagnosing or treating children and adolescents, imforming best practice in child healthcare and shaping Government policy across Australia and around the world. MCRI's team of over 1500 researchers and staff is dedicated to making discoveries to give children and families the best possbil outcomes for a healthy and fulfilled life.

Opt-Out Campaign

Since 2015 Zaidee's has been pushing to change Australia's registeration system from Opt-In to Opt-Out. Why?
Worlds best pratice refelcts that the worlds leading countires that have a the best donation rate run and Opt-Out system. Time Australia follow the world best donation countires and change to Opt-Ot.
We are calling this Zaidee's Law.


Zaidee's is not funded by goverment or has a major sponsor. We relay on small donations running our own events and the sale of Zaidee's wide range of merchandise. If you wish to be a sponsor or a mjor supporter to Zaidee's then please ask Allan Turner how best you can support the charity going forward. Email allan@zaidee.org or call 0412985211 and have that important discussion today to allow Zaidee's to do what we do best and that is to "Inspire Discussion" to save and improve more lives.


Creating events that encourage more people to be more active more often to improve the health of Australians.
If you are a school or a business that also wishes to support a Zaidee's Day then ask me how best to do this. allan@zaidee.org Enagage your students, gym or staff to drive awareness about organ and tissue donation. It could be everyone put a pari of Zaidee's Rainbow Shoelaces in their shoes for a week a month or even a year to really make people aware of this important subject.


Zaidee'sMad Cow Mud Run

Details on our 2025 event out soon - at this stage lock the date away being Saturday 22nd Feb 2025

Zaidee's Rainbow School Days

Are you a school that wishes to have a Zaidee's Rainbow Day when every student gets to wear a pair of Zaidee's Rainbow Sheoalces ion their shoews for a day or even a week? Ask Allan Turner how allan@zaidee.org or 0412985211.
At just $2 a piar a small cost for a massive outcome for saving and improving lives. Get the discussion happening with your family as we did with Zaidee.


Is your gym a venu to promote a better lifestyle and heatly outcome? The why not support a Zaidee's Day when everyone gets dress up in Rainbow Colours and then buys Zaidee's Gym Towles or Sheoalces and have a promotion for those that are waiting for a transplant that are not able to go to the gym as yet due to their ill health - allowing them to jump into your shoes for a day or a week at the gym that encourage more people to be more active more often to improve the health of Australians.

Corporate Partners

Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation wish to thank Greater Shepparton City Council for a grant that contributed to building Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation new website. 

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation have partnered with the following organisations: 


The following special people support us.

Aaron Finch

Captain of the Australian Cricket Team in limited overs Cricket.

Meg Lanning

Captain of the Australian Women's Test, ODI and T20 Cricket Teams.

Aaron Teys

Australian Lawn and Indoor Bowls Representative.

Services Partner

The following organisations help keep the cogs turning at Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation